Eucalyptus Oil: Using eucalyptus on muscle aches and pains November 28 2013

During vigorous exercise, muscles produce lactic acid as a byproduct of exertion. The 
resulting muscle pain is the result of a buildup of this lactic acid, and can also be due to 
minor damage to the muscle tissues or overuse of a particular muscle group. As a result, 
muscles can become mildly inflamed and sore. It is typically temporary but can be quite 
painful, especially after sitting or lying down for a long period of time.
Eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus radiata) has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties 
that make it a great option when treating sore, over-exercised muscles. Eucalyptus oil can 
help relax stiff muscles, allowing for pain relief and ease in range of motion and muscle 
How to soothe muscle aches with eucalyptus oil:Days Island Eucalyptus Oil
Add 3-5 drops of straight (neat) eucalyptus oil directly onto sore muscles. Slowly massage 
into skin.
Add 15-50 drops of eucalyptus oil to a hot bath. Combined with the benefits of the oil, the 
heat of the water encourages muscles to relax and helps reduce next-day stiffness. For 
additional benefits, Epsom salts can be added to the water as well. 
Add 5 drops of eucalyptus oil to a small squirt of lotion or carrier oil (such as almond or 
jojoba oil). Run into palms to mix and massage into affected muscles. 
For a convenient and portable muscle rub, add 10-20 drops of eucalyptus oil to a small 
spray bottle of water. Spray directly onto the sore site and massage for several minutes.
If muscles are already sore, a pre-activity rubdown is a fantastic way to warm and prepare 
muscles for exercise. Rub generously into muscles until a warming sensation is felt.
This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, 
treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. As always, before you begin any 
sort of regimen using essential oils, please consult with your physician, naturopath, or 
aromatherapist before doing so. The use of oils can be very empowering and effective 
in the treatment of a variety of ailments. However, use your own discretion; the medical 
community is there to help us when oils can't.