Eucalyptus Oil: Using eucalyptus oil to increase brain blood flow December 06 2013

Eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus radiata) has long been widely used by the Aboriginal 
people for a number of ailments. It has a distinct scent that can be uplifting and energizing 
to the brain and body. 
A positive correlation between brain function and eucalyptus essential oil has recently 
been discovered. This is because it is considered to be a vasodilator, meaning that it helps 
to widen blood vessels and as a result, blood circulates more effectively throughout the 
body. This translates to an increase in blood flow that can be very beneficial, especially 
during work or study. Some studies have shown it to increase student productivity and 
performance when diffused in a classroom setting. 
Overall, healthy (and increased) blood flow to the brain rejuvenates the whole body and 
promotes positive and active behavior. By using eucalyptus oil to promote this positive 
blood flow, you can assist in preventing stress, depression, mental exhaustion, memory, 
fatigue, sluggishness and various cognitive disorders.
How to boost brain blood flow with eucalyptus essential oil:Eucalyptus Oil
Place 3-5 drops in a hot shower first thing in the morning. The powerful scent provides a 
stimulating boost to the brain, and this can be a great way to start your day.
Place 3-5 drops in a steam diffuser and allow for the scent to disperse throughout the home 
or classroom while you are working or studying. 
For a quick fix, place 1-2 drops on your palm. Cup hands and place over nose and mouth. 
Inhale deeply for both a mental and literal breath of fresh air. 
Eucalyptus oil can also be added to soaps and lotions for an additional pick-me-up 
throughout the day. 
This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, 
treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. As always, before you begin any 
sort of regimen using essential oils, please consult with your physician, naturopath, or 
aromatherapist before doing so. The use of oils can be very empowering and effective 
in the treatment of a variety of ailments. However, use your own discretion; the medical 
community is there to help us when oils can't.