Peppermint Oil: Using peppermint oil for motion sickness July 25 2014

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Motion sickness affects many of us, can be particularly annoying and even debilitating in times that should be fun. Dizziness, nausea and subsequent vomiting can be the result of motion sensitivity, and once it starts, can be very hard to stop, even when the motion subsides. The beauty of essential oils is that when applied topically, they are able to penetrate into the skin and therefore, into the bloodstream to assist in providing fast relief. When you are nauseous, taking anything by mouth can be an extreme challenge (let alone keeping it down). A topical method of application can prove very effective on it’s own, and when combined with the inhalation of the scent, nausea can easily be lessened by this stomach-soothing oil.  


How to use peppermint oil to curb motion sickness:

Dilute 3 -5 drops of peppermint oil in 1-2 tablespoons of carrier oil (such as olive, coconut or jojoba). Massage this mixture on the abdomen. Peppermint oil can also be used in an undiluted form, though caution should be taken as it may cause a slight skin irritation.


Place a drop on the stomach meridian pressure point (on the top of the foot, between the second and third toes).  Repeat 2-3 times a day.


Place a drop on additional pressure points including wrists, behind the ears, and between the thumb and index finger.


Place a few drops directly onto hands. Cup hands and bring close to the mouth and nose to soothe the minor stomach discomfort associated with illness or motion.


To prevent sea, air or motion sickness, begin any one of the above methods at least a few hours before your trip. Continue use until symptoms are alleviated.


If you are able to ingest anything, place a drop of peppermint essential oil to herbal tea or water. Drink slowly.


This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. As always, before you begin any sort of regimen using essential oils, please consult with your physician, naturopath, or aromatherapist before doing so. The use of oils can be very empowering and effective in the treatment of a variety of ailments. However, use your own discretion; the medical community is there to help us when oils can't.



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