Tea Tree Oil: Using tea tree oil on acne August 30 2013

Tea tree oil is one of the natural oils with amazing and unique medicinal properties. It is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree’s leaves. This tree grows indigenously in the South-East region of Australia. Even before its scientific discovery, the native people of Eastern Australia were already using this natural tea tree oil as a remedy for a number of ailments like skin infections. They would crush the leaves or soak them in water to make traditional medicines. 


One of the common uses of tea tree oil is the treatment of acne. Acne is a skin disorder that is common among adolescents. It is characterized by small bumps on the skin or painful cysts. These pimples could be red and tender or whitish and filled with pus. Acne usually appears on the back, chest, shoulders and most commonly, on the face. Though it is common among adolescents, acne can affect anyone. Overproduction of sebum, increased hormone production as in adolescents, some medications, diet and clogged pores due to dead skin build-up are some of the causes of acne. Without proper treatment, inflamed cysts can be a real menace. They may become painful, cause permanent scarring resulting in a negative self image affecting your social life. 


Using tea tree oil to treat acne is one of the best natural remedies available. If you have tried other medications without success, you need to seriously consider tea tree oil for acne. However, before going into how the tea tree oil for acne is used, it is important to understand two things; one, do not start any treatment regime without consulting with your dermatologist and two, if you go ahead and use tea tree oil for acne, ensure that the oil is 100% pure, like Days Island tea tree oil. To use tea tree oil as a remedy for acne; wash your face and pat it dry. Take a cotton bud or cotton wool and roll it into a small pea-sized ball. Pour some tea tree oil (100% pure) onto the cotton. Apply the oil directly onto the infected area avoiding the eyes and leave it for a few hours. That is it! Note that tea tree oil is suitable for all skin types and it does not have the side effects of chemical antidotes of acne. Just ensure that you use pure tea tree oil, not products that contain the oil.



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