Are your essential oils pure? Addressing the "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" issue October 01 2013

So today has been a pretty big day for me and Days Island!  I was able to go up to The Bob Rivers Show in Seattle, the #1 morning drive show in the market!  I brought up some Starter Kits for the crew and was able to discuss essential oils for a bit with Bob.  Although I didn't make it on the air, I always love going up there and hanging out with the people I listen to every morning.
It was also a big day because of a blog post by my friend Ruthy at Discovery Street about how well our lavender oil has helped her baby girl Parker through her teething issues.  She has quite the "Mommy" following and it was great to be able to spread the message of essential oils to the women who could use them most.
Through all of this "publicity," I noticed a comment made on Ruthy's Instagram pic for her blog post today:  "...We use Do Terra.. And they have the purest oils from what I've read..."
Days Island Pure Essential OilsSo what exactly does this mean?
doTerra Essential Oils are labeled as "CPTG" or "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" oils.  I was curious about this term, primarily for selfish reasons:  how can I get my essential oils labeled as "CPTG?"
So I did a little bit of research.  It turns out that the little CPTG logo that doTerra uses is a registered trademark of... doTerra.
A little bit more research led me to a blog post from 2009 at about the whole "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" claim.
Here's where I differ from the author of Winged Seed:
The author sees this as some sort of deception (and with the email from doTerra services, it sounds like they might be deceived too...).  I actually see it as brilliant marketing.  If a company can separate itself from the competition by creating a term and marketing itself as such, more power to them.
I am not against doTerra.  I have no doubt their oils are 100% pure essential oils.  But so are Days Island Essential Oils.  And many, many more companies out there.
We hold certification from third party purity checks that determine our oils to be 100% pure.
And we will soon be carrying frankincense as well. :)