Tea Tree Oil: Using tea tree oil for ear infections November 07 2013

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifola) has been used by the Aboriginal people native to 
Australia for thousands of years, and with powerful results. This oil possesses some 
incredible anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that are impressive in the fight against 
bacteria and inflammation. 
Ear infections can be incredibly painful, and though are most commonly suffered by 
children; adults can just as easily contract a debilitating ear infection. Ear infections occur 
then liquid becomes trapped in the ear. While sitting stagnant in ear canal, it can trap and 
become infected with bacteria. This creates painful inflammation, as the ear is one of the 
most delicate body parts. Typically, this type of infection is treated with a strong round 
of antibiotics, but the problem arises (especially in children) when ear infections reoccur. 
There is great concern with the overuse of antibiotics, as with increased use comes the 
potential for antibiotic-resistant super infections that have the potential to cause even more 
damage. Tea tree oil provides a great alternative remedy to multiple rounds of powerful and 
disruptive drugs. 
How to use tea tree oil to treat an ear infection:
Tea tree oil should be diluted in some way before being applied into the ear. 
For use with water, mix 3-5 drops of tea tree oil with ¼ cup of water. Use a dropper to place a few drops of this mixture in each ear, and then gently place a cotton ball in each ear to allow for the treatment to penetrate. Repeat as needed. 
For use with oil, add 5-10 drops of warm tea tree oil to 1 Tbsp. of carrier oil, such as olive oil or jojoba oil. Mix thoroughly and use a dropper to place a small amount into the ear while tilting the head and covering the ear with a cotton ball to minimize leakage. Allow for this mixture to penetrate for up to 10 minutes, and then gently wipe away any excess. Repeat this up to 3 times a day and especially at bedtime. 
Mix five drops each of tea tree oil and lavender oil in a small bowl, and add a small amount to a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball gently inside the ear and allow for the oils to penetrate the ear canal and fight the infection. 
Tea tree oil can also be rubbed directly onto the skin behind the ear for added external bacteria-fighting power. 
As always, before you begin any sort of regimen using essential oils, please consult with your physician, naturopath, or aromatherapist before doing so. The use of oils can be very empowering and effective in the treatment of a variety of ailments. However, use your own discretion; the medical community is there to help us when oils can't.



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