Single Essential Oils

All of our essential oils are 100% pure essential oils.  Even that is redundant.  Pure is an absolute.  Either something is pure or it's not.

Many essential oil companies will use terms like "therapeutic grade" or "certified pure" or even "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" to describe their oils.  These terms are made up.  Simple as that.

In fact, "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" is a term that is owned by doTerra.  It doesn't mean anything other than what they choose for it to mean.  Please don't be misled by claims of super-duper purity.  We have no doubt that the big names in essential oils sell only pure oils.  But so do we.  Pure essential oil goodness.

All of our single oils have been sourced from around the world, bringing the world's best into one place.

We welcome any questions you may have about our essential oils, or any others for that matter.  Click on the "Contact Us" tab to drop us a message.

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