Frankincense Essential Oil


Frankincense (boswellia serrata) has long-been praised for its therapeutic properties in 

the Middle East. It is widely used to treat a variety of ailments and in ancient times held 
value that rivaled the value of gold. This oil is extremely anti-inflammatory, and since 
inflammation is believed to be a key cause in a variety of illnesses, frankincense stands out 
as an obvious choice for immune support. 
Frankincense has stimulating effects on various important bodily glands, including the 
brain, hypothalamus, thyroid, and pituitary glands. These glands all work in sync to support 
a healthy immune system. Using frankincense assists in the function of these glands at their 
very best, and aids in the production of white blood cells, which are crucial to immune 
Our frankincense is steam distilled from the tree resin in India.

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