About Us

Days Island provides the finest sourced essential oils in the world.  We're not a large corporation, nor do we offer network marketing opportunities.  Our #1 goal is to provide you, our customer, with the finest products and finest service.

Days Island was founded in 2013 by Michael and Angela Gruener.  We believe that God knew what He was doing when the earth was formed, and that we are provided with these "essential" tools for healthy living and full enjoyment of life.  Essential oils have been used for centuries in nearly every culture for health and wellness.  There were essential oils in King Tut's tomb, Chinese Emperor Shen Nung wrote about the benefits of essential oils around 2500 BC, and essential oils were considered gifts worthy of the Savior of the world by the wise men who brought frankincense and myrrh to Jesus.

Since we offer the finest essential oils in the world, we live in the most beautiful location in the world, western Washington.  University Place is located on the Puget Sound, on the south end of the Tacoma Narrows.  The northwest corner of University Place is Day Island.  It was initially named "Days Island" by explorer Charles Wilkes, after his hospital steward Stephen Days.  The "s" was dropped later by several cartographers who believed that it represented ownership, as in "Day's Island."


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